Jokkmokk's Christmas Market - December 7–8 2019

PAUSE FOR A MOMENT and think about what Jokkmokk has to offer. Jokkmokk is located in the region around the Arctic Circle, a polar region where the sun does not make it above the horizon in December; the arctic night is long and very special. We call it midwinter.
Midwinter is also a celebration in the middle of winter that has been celebrated by many different cultures around December 20—21, the time of the winter solstice.

One way of celebrating midwinter in Jokkmokk is the yearly Christmas market, offering new knowledge, meetings, nice chats, tasty tre-ats, food experiences, art & design exhibitions, unique shopping, music and entertainment — all this in a cosy, atmospheric setting.
The local is the new exotic, and a visit to Jokkmokk Christmas Market could be that important time out we can all use sometimes.